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Truck song of truck songs, "Holocaust Harry's Hotpipe". The tune ignores the gas crunch and wallows is the notion of big powerful monsters beyond whatever the non-custom rigs can do.

"Well I used to drive those regular trucks

before I built this rig

Back in the days when I was broke

Before I made it big

When I sucked dust behind Volvos

And ate it behind vans

Men with Fords and GMCs and even panel vans

When 30,000 kilos was considered a big load

Back in the days when 18 wheelers

were the King Kongs of the road

well that's when I won the Lotto, folks

and achieved my hearts desire,

and I built this big jet powered truck

and put her out for hire.

In the song, the man talks about 2,000 horse power, 3 transmissions and a computerized gear shift to manage it all. It's funny and bouncy and probably a secret dream of every trucker.

A down to earth singer and songwriter, Cyril May and his musical cohort Jack McDonald make having a supertruck like described in this song sound like a really nifty idea.

"Holocaust Harry's Hotpipe" is only one of the great songs on Cyril May and Jack McDonald's CD "Off The Beaten Track". Listen to samples of their tunes on the web site: For more information contact via postal mail at 266 Orizaba, Long Beach, CA 90803; 562/433-0734 or email at

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